SpritzCoin partners up with Sidera Blockchain.

SpritzCoin is proud to announce a new partnership with Sidera Blockchain!

“We are reinventing the global beverage marketplace, secure, smart and easy-to-use. Completely disrupting the way in which the consumer earns a bonus, the merchant pays a commission and the users buy and sell products online. “ SpritzCoin Founders

Partnership with Sidera Blockchain

SpritzCoin’s mission is to provide the entire beverage sector a highly innovative and effective platform for booking, management and incentivise, with particular attention to the sphere of nightlife.

The advantages, not available through normal FIAT currencies, will be offered and shared between the consumer, the operator and the producers.

Our objective is to resolve significant problems, giving everyone the chance to access and benefit from the advantages of blockchain and virtual reality. Particular attention will be given to the job market, activating direct contact between the employer and the employees of the sector.


SpritzCoin wants to become the “Uber of the nightlife”, the world’s largest bar, owns no bar.

Partnership with Sidera Blockchain

Sidera Blockchain Technologies is a “Decentralised Wearable Devices”. At present the best solution!

Sidera’s objective is to expand its technology to improve and facilitate everyday’s traditional transactions and this partnership matches our mission.
Exclusive, Innovative, Secure and “wrist-to-wrist”!

Bitsmart by Sidera is a new idea of smartwatches and smart-bands focused on cryptocurrencies. The scope of these devices is to provide an easy, handily, innovative and secure way to manage the Crypto-environment for its users.

This collaboration will allow both of us to reach the beverage Industry and the nightlife community.

SpritzCoin will now be part of Sidera’s Blockchain wallet and will be listed in the exchange: it will be possible to pay in all bars through Sidera’s wearable smartwatch using our currency, SpritzCoin.


Shake up your drink experience, together!

SpritzCoin.com Team


Link to Sidera.io

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