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more than 500.000.000 free #SpritzCoin – the biggest Airdrop of Crypto history!

“How many will be yours?”


Update September 2018

Expected some airdrops on Twitter


Delivery of tokens only with Gwei gas less than 1 [one gwei]
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Airdrop and Bounty program | FIFA WORLD CUP #Russia2018

Started      06/06/2018
Ended        15/07/2018
Rules:         LINK





12th May, 2018:  It starts today and ends on June 10, 2018

14th May, 2018: *Participants “Following the success of the #AirdropsFRIENDS Bounty, it was decided to raise the total limit of the participants from 4,000 to 15,000, no longer modifiable”

15th May, 2018 is finished  – 8.32 P.M. London time – We inform you that the # AirdropFIRENDS is closed, as the set limit of 15,000 participants has been reached.


To confirm the Email [your and YOUR referral’s] fill out this form, WITH YOUR ETH ADDRESS:

Here the rules:


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