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more than 500.000.000 free #SpritzCoin – the biggest Airdrop of Crypto history!

“How many will be yours?”


Update November 2018

Expected some airdrops on Twitter and Telegram for listing


Update September 2018

Expected some airdrops on Twitter



Delivery of tokens only with Gwei gas less than 1 [one gwei]
For info


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Airdrop and Bounty program | FIFA WORLD CUP #Russia2018

Started      06/06/2018
Ended        15/07/2018
Rules:         LINK





12th May, 2018:  It starts today and ends on June 10, 2018

14th May, 2018: *Participants “Following the success of the #AirdropsFRIENDS Bounty, it was decided to raise the total limit of the participants from 4,000 to 15,000, no longer modifiable”

15th May, 2018 is finished  – 8.32 P.M. London time – We inform you that the # AirdropFIRENDS is closed, as the set limit of 15,000 participants has been reached.


To confirm the Email [your and YOUR referral’s] fill out this form, WITH YOUR ETH ADDRESS:

Here the rules:


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