SpritzCoin – Update Bounty: #AirdropFRIENDS

15th May, 2018 – 8.32 P.M. London time – Announcement on Telegram channel

We inform you that the # AirdropFRIENDS is closed, as the set limit of 15,000 participants has been reached.

Please note that for the counting of points, the invited referrals are taken into account ONLY IF they confirmed the e-mail by filling the form.

You have until the 10th of June included to complete this procedure.


To confirm the Email [yours and your referral’s] fill out this form, WITH YOUR ETH ADDRESS:  CLICK TO OPEN


Thank you,

Team of SpritzCoin.com

SpritzCoin Airdrop FRIENDS Rules

SpritzCoin the first digital drink!

The first decentralized drink!

Based on Ethereum Blockchain ERC20, built for beverage Industry but first of all made by PEOPLE for PEOPLE



**** YOUR EMAIL IS YOUR “USERNAME” FOR ALL [reclaim tokens and communicate with us] ****


SpritzCoin Airdrop FRIENDS Rules

***All #airdropFRIENDS program announcements will be released on our Telegram Announcement channel, after on the other channels***

* Deadline: 10th June 2018
* Delivery of tokens: between 11th and 30th June 2018

** All rewards with SpritzCoin
** 1 point for each friend who registers
** 1 POINT = 300 SpritzCoin
** Minimum 10 points
** Only the first 4,000 participants!
** Extra bonus:
– 50 friends: 10,000 SpritzCoin more
– 100 friends: 40,000 SpritzCoin more

Details of the rules:

1. The #AirdropFRIENDS program starts on May 12, 2018 and ends on June 10, 2018.
2. To participate in this #AirdropFRIENDS program, you must be at least 18 years old.
3. To be added to the #AirdropFRIENDS program ADD our Telegram Announcement channel AND FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL NETWORKS.
4. Each user can only participate with ONE account/Email/ETH address per campaign. Users with double-registrations or duplicate accounts (except the initial one) will be permanently banned from the program.
4a E-mail with “+” are banned immediately.
4b Same E-mail in multiple lists are not allowed. BAN at the discretion of the team.
5. All rewards for #AirdropFRIENDS activities will be SpritzCoin tokens.
6. If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards.
7. The SpritzCoin team will reserve the right to change any rules, or make any changes, if necessary.
8. For technical support during the Airdrop “friends” campaign, please contact us via our Telegram group and message with HASHTAG #AirdropFRIENDS.
9. All tokens will be allocated to your Ethereum wallet BETWEEN 11th and 30th JUNE 2018.
10. INNOVATION! No ETH address? No problem, tokens are registered with your name and your email – you can claim them when you want with HASHTAG #AirdropFRIEND.

“We are made by PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE!”

* Double E-mail
* Double ETH Address
* Fake account or false information
* E-mail not verified [if requested]
* Unsuscribe from Social o Email list
* Elimination of links, posts or tweets
* E-mail with “+” inside
* Same E-mail in multiple lists
* BAN at the discretion of the team.

Add us to your address book: info@spritzcoin.com

Follow us on social Network to claim the BONUS:

* Telegram
– * English chat or
– * French chat or
– * Italian chat

==>> The more we will be, the sooner we will go on Exchange. Follow us and share.

Rules above, on Bitcointalk and on Medium

** Please provide a VALID Email address to win the bonus **
** One email / one ETH address **

12th May, 2018
Headquarters: World Wide Web

* Deadline: 10th June 2018
* Delivery of tokens: between 11th and 30th June 2018



SpritzCoin Airdrop FRIENDS Rules


1 – Sign up [to enter your dashboard]

2 – Open and verify your E-mail

to send us your wallet address [or book your tokens for free] so we can give you all of your hard earned Tokens!

3 – Follow us on SOCIAL and share your unique link


Hurry up!








Update Bounty: #AirdropFRIENDS

Amendment to the Bounty program regulation #AirdropFRIENDS

Good evening dear SpritzPeople.

Spritzcoin is born in favor of consumers, made :heart:by PEOPLE for PEOPLE and in this perspective we decided to meet your many requests.


Following the success of the #AirdropsFRIENDS Bounty, it was decided to raise the total limit of the participants from 4,000 to 15,000, no longer modifiable.
Maximum number of points: 1000 [above additional SpritzCoin are not counted] [new] — maximun at present around 788.

* Levels
– Level 1 EXTRA BONUS of 500 SpritzCoin bonus [new]
Give your friends their first cryptocurrency! Also without ETH wallet address, only with email, We are unique!

– A new level 4 is added with a total amount of 200 points, and with an extra bonus of 100,000 SpritzCoin [new]

Non-improving modification:
Token delivery between June 11 th and July 15 th to allow the highest number of tokens to be delivered on time.


read and confirm the EMAIL (following the link for fill in the form with your ETH address, no exchange)
:fast_forward: NO WALLET? NO PROBLEM. Talk to your friends: we are the (R)evolution!
Only Email to book the SpritzCoin, better that in the bank and free cost!!! ?

To validate this change, click on the following Twitter link and retweet as confirmation.

Have a nice SpritzCoin, together is better!
Team of Spritzcoin.com

  • * Enjoy responsibly

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