Spritz and 💕: together is better!

The first decentralized drink

with loyalty program and cashback

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We Believe in the blockchain

We have decided to launch #SPRTZ based on Ethereum protocol, favored by the stability, speed and diffusion of the network itself


Your money in your hands, anonymously


When, where and how you want, with no bank fees.


SpritzCoin uses the power of the Ethereum Blockchain [ERC-20 token].

Our Story

One bar, two friends, three drinks… #SPRTZ is born!

#SPRTZ: together is better!

The first and global solution in the beverage sector for local success.

Add value to your business!

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Your Spritz or your based Spritz recipe. Share on Social with #SPRTZ to gain free Spritzcoins.

SPRITZcoin is for all, enjoy with friends!

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